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UK Designers

An LJ Community for designers and artworkers based in the UK

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All Members , Moderated
UK Designers is an LJ Community intended as a forum for designers, artworkers, illustrators and all those working - or wanting to work! - in the media arts professions in the UK. If you've been sent an invitation to this community, it's because you live in the UK and listed "graphic design" under your LJ interests. There's no conspiracy. It's really that simple.

It's a free community, open to members from any background and of any level of experience who want to know more about working in the design professions, and those who want to share their knowledge, solicit criticism, showcase their own work and generally gab about the often insanely high-pressure, occasionally hilarious and sporadically fulfilling world of design.

Moderation is lax, but will tend to discriminate against blowhards, assholes, bores and trolls. Criticism should be offered only when it is solicited and flaming those poor unfortunates who still think bevel and emboss and dropshadow represent a 'winning combination' will be amusing not be tolerated. Much.

Keep it clean people. Relatively speaking. Actually no, don't keep it clean. Just keep it fair.