April 28th, 2006

BA Graphic Design Courses

I'm currently in the process of applying for BA Graphics courses in the UK and I wondered if anyone could share their experiences. Any students or recently graduated designers who reckon their course was the dogs bollocks? And how important is it to have a BA anyway? Did you have one when you got your first graphics job?

Sorry! Lots of questions!
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Hi. I'm eaten alive by this thing for a year already, since i decided i want to go to Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design to study graphic design and get a BA. The problem? I'm not from the UK, i'm Romanian, born and raised, i'm turning 25 soon and graduating my 6 year long study of architecture this summer with a major in architecture. I want to wait till the academic year 2007-2008 (various reasons, i need a break from school, need to gather finances, need to work a lil for my architecture practice etc etc etc, create a portfolio for graphic design etc)

Now, what i want to know is, did any of you go there or is in the process of studying there? How's the school, profs, curricula, projects, etc? What did you put in your potfolio to be admitted?

The reason i want to go there is that, while i know the basics of graphic design, having studied architecture and also worked in the GD field a little i simply want to see a different approach to design than what i taught myself or learned at school. We had graphic design courses along with the architecture ones, we took drawing and all, but i felt slightly bauhausian in a regard, meaning that i felt restricted because the overall idea was that "form follows function" and truly, i am sick of that. I want to learn in a highly experimental and creative field, i want to do something with myself, my mind, my hands and my vision that i haven't before. I feel a lot that, while i love architecture, i am limited in my desire to express myself (dude, i sound so academic hah) by the technical aproach. I need to see how to begin a concept, how to attack a brief as creatively as possible. I have a sense with colors, shapes, forms, with function and light and everything, of course i do, it's just that i find at times the need to express myself in different ways, through writing, painting, sculpting, etc. I have periods when i love to draw models, periods when i love to code websites and periods when i want to build a house. I am avid of everything that means expression and i want to know how that is aproached somewhere else. New culture, new place, new school. I love learning stuff, so i thought Central Saint Martin's would be the best (my other choices would have been Kent or Surrey)

I love graphic design a lot, but i dunno, how much of a broad course selection do they have (yes i can look at the site, i did, i just want to know how you felt while doing them), in which i mean, do they cover photography, digital media, screenprinting or illustration?

Also, do these schools (any art schools in the UK) have sports (i love swimming so eh. it's relaxing) or writing classes? How are the accomodations?

Pretty much any info, input or feelings (the more subjective the better :D) about Central Saint Martin's, the typical student life in London, how to make end's meet during and after school and graduation, etc is very very welcome.

Thank you.