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Central Saint Martins


I'm 26, from Romania, with a major in architecture and currently wanting to enlist at Central Saint Martins in London for a Christmas school short course - illustration Workshop, with Martin McGrath. (http://courses.csm.arts.ac.uk/summer.asp?CI=3233&MA=3&CAT=18&CSM=yes)

Fact? I am scared shitless. :D

Can anyone tell me what to expect? What to bring with me? How to put the fear of inferiority aside and just chill and be inspired? :P Did anyone else go there? Either at Central Saint Martins for a degree, or at one of their short courses, at illustration short courses in general or at one of Martin McGrath's lectures/workshops. What should i expect? Suggestions? Reccomendations?

I have never been to London before so that's a plus of fears in itself, but i'm planning that carefully. :P

Please help cause at the moment i'm kinda freaking out and all my fears are surfacing. You know the type "what if i'm not good enough?". So yeah. Excuse my emotional state. :P

Art college in UK

I'd like to study graphic design somewhere in London and I've been looking up some colleges on internet but I'm not really sure and some of them don't have much details on their sites so I'm asking if anyone has any recommendation? It can be a private college as well.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi All

Artists, web designers, - in general all who likes, can and able to thinking in a new ways of creating a web-sites. We suggest you to take part in an interesting new online the project!
Announce a competition on original idea of the new web-design of the art gallery-online.
Works are accepted up to 20 November. Monetary compensation and laurels to the winner are guaranteed. If you have become interested this project, please write to us and we shall send the detailed description of the project.

Hope for cooperation.

If you have friends or do know people who could be interested in this offer, we will send them the idea of the project.
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speculative emails

I received this speculative email this morning from a freelancer. Just thought y'all might be interested as to the calibre of a standard applicant for freelance work:


If your Graphic Design Studio is ever in needing of support for whatever reasons! It could be being overloaded with work or under staffed, or it could be that certain types of work you'd rather out-source, then look no further than xxxxxxx. We're here to help you maximise your work load and give professional, accurate, and super fast work for any support you require.

We specialise in the following programmes: QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Visit our website at http://www.xxxxxxx.co.uk/ or call us on xxxxxxxxxx

If you need it and Photoshop work doing i.e. cut-out paths or retouching, please get in-touch as you'll find that not only is our work excellent but our rates are being super competitive as well.

Work seems to be rapidly picking up right now after the quite summer, so if you do have any large projects in mind, please give us as much notice as possible. We'd like to email you on a regular basis if that's possible, just to see if there are any projects coming up that we could possibly help with. However if you'd rather not have our emails, please let us know.

Thank you for your time.


Studio Manager


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Flash Help please:

I need some help with a Flash/actionscript problem I'm having and I know it'll be something really simple yet...

I've done a few galleries (for finishing up a website) and so that it's less easier for people to swipe piccies and that it's easier in future to update the gallery etc. I've made the actionscript link to external images and when I tested the movie it all worked perfecly yet when I embedded the flash movie into the .htm page the movie will work but the external images won't load. I read somewhere that if I changed the external .jpegs to external .swf's it may work and it does exactly the same so any idea's any one?

It will be something stupid I know it will (always is) and I've checked the actionscript over and over and no bugs are coming up when I play the movie in flash but for some reason I just can't get the external images to load.

Grrrr Any help would be appreciated.

Oh I'm using Dreamweaver and Flash 8 btw along with Firefox. :P
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(no subject)

Hi. I'm planning to apply to Central Saint Martins for the academic year 2007-2008 and while you lovely people already answered some of my questions(http://community.livejournal.com/uk_designers/1031.html), i am still rather at loss with other stuff. Mainly, i gather applying should be done during January-March of the year for which i'm applying but when would i be called (if) to an interview? When should i have my portfolio and finances ready? It's very important for me because i need to plan this thing very carefully. :)

Also: what should a portfolio contain? What should i base it on? What is suitable and what is not? I have a lot of stuff i did over the years, ranging from covers i did for imaginary books or cd-covers for my own cds, banners, some websites i did (either fan or commercial), along with a lot of photoshop/retouching work may it be in form of coloring b/w pictures of models etc or making architecture facades out photos and all. I also have my architecture stuff (renderings, collages, etc) plus layouting for various presentations i did for those (i'm graduating with a major in architecture next week wohoo) but i doubt they are relevant to graphic design other than maybe showcasing a general sense with forms and color. How "creative" should i be? Bottom line: what makes a strong portfolio, especially one strong enough to be accepted at Central Saint Martins? (i'm applying for Graphic Design)--i obviously know what is a good portfolio in general and especially in architecture, but while i'm not trying to tailor my work to fit Central Saint Martins it's the first time i'm faced with presenting something to a different cultural background (i'm Romanian and the system here is different. They put focus on different stuff. Especially in architecture where we're rather driven by function instead of form... hmmm)

One more thing: is it safe to apply only to one school and channel all hope/resources etc towards that or is it to risky? In that case which other school do you think is great?

Thank you very much in advance.
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Dodging Bullets

Some dimwit we designed a site for supplied me with someone else's copy.

I think his exact words were; "I didn't write this, but it's pretty much what I want to say. I just need to change a few words here and there." Stupidly, I assumed he meant a friend had written it for him, or his wife. Perhaps if I hadn't been in such a tearing hurry to get the bloody site up (it had been languishing in the design-finished-awaiting-copy-stage for almost two months) I might have thought to say something like: "But it is yours to use right?"

Unfortunately - and rather unsurprisingly - the large angry company who threatened us both with prosecution were less than understanding. "Ignorance is no defence" apparently, even when the thing you're ignorant of is the source of the text you used. They seemed particularly incensed that the content of their description meta-tags (also provided by our client) was also stolen word-for-word from their site.

I have explained the series of events to the angry men and have apologised profusely for being so naive as to think that most people know the basics of copyright law (i.e don't rip off someone else's text) and they have agreed to drop the matter if our client makes a donation to their favourite charity. Thankfully, he's said he'll do it.

Feel like I dodged a bullet with this one. I had about 2 hours sleep last night thinking about it, and the consequences if we were to be prosecuted by a company with as much legal clout as this one, and have decided to add some really exhaustive clauses to our terms and conditions to protect us from trouble like this in future.

Anyone have any suggestions of where I might find some guidance?