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Central Saint Martins [Oct. 11th, 2007|02:29 pm]
UK Designers



I'm 26, from Romania, with a major in architecture and currently wanting to enlist at Central Saint Martins in London for a Christmas school short course - illustration Workshop, with Martin McGrath. (http://courses.csm.arts.ac.uk/summer.asp?CI=3233&MA=3&CAT=18&CSM=yes)

Fact? I am scared shitless. :D

Can anyone tell me what to expect? What to bring with me? How to put the fear of inferiority aside and just chill and be inspired? :P Did anyone else go there? Either at Central Saint Martins for a degree, or at one of their short courses, at illustration short courses in general or at one of Martin McGrath's lectures/workshops. What should i expect? Suggestions? Reccomendations?

I have never been to London before so that's a plus of fears in itself, but i'm planning that carefully. :P

Please help cause at the moment i'm kinda freaking out and all my fears are surfacing. You know the type "what if i'm not good enough?". So yeah. Excuse my emotional state. :P

From: jeneefeerpnpzf
2009-04-18 02:11 pm (UTC)

thanks for sharing

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