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[Jun. 25th, 2006|06:34 am]
UK Designers


Hi. I'm planning to apply to Central Saint Martins for the academic year 2007-2008 and while you lovely people already answered some of my questions(http://community.livejournal.com/uk_designers/1031.html), i am still rather at loss with other stuff. Mainly, i gather applying should be done during January-March of the year for which i'm applying but when would i be called (if) to an interview? When should i have my portfolio and finances ready? It's very important for me because i need to plan this thing very carefully. :)

Also: what should a portfolio contain? What should i base it on? What is suitable and what is not? I have a lot of stuff i did over the years, ranging from covers i did for imaginary books or cd-covers for my own cds, banners, some websites i did (either fan or commercial), along with a lot of photoshop/retouching work may it be in form of coloring b/w pictures of models etc or making architecture facades out photos and all. I also have my architecture stuff (renderings, collages, etc) plus layouting for various presentations i did for those (i'm graduating with a major in architecture next week wohoo) but i doubt they are relevant to graphic design other than maybe showcasing a general sense with forms and color. How "creative" should i be? Bottom line: what makes a strong portfolio, especially one strong enough to be accepted at Central Saint Martins? (i'm applying for Graphic Design)--i obviously know what is a good portfolio in general and especially in architecture, but while i'm not trying to tailor my work to fit Central Saint Martins it's the first time i'm faced with presenting something to a different cultural background (i'm Romanian and the system here is different. They put focus on different stuff. Especially in architecture where we're rather driven by function instead of form... hmmm)

One more thing: is it safe to apply only to one school and channel all hope/resources etc towards that or is it to risky? In that case which other school do you think is great?

Thank you very much in advance.